Wild West

WHB-114 Siege & Comquest $38.00

Featured within this book are the following:

Siege: A historical overview and full rules for siege warfare through the Biblical, Classical and Medieval Eras.

Conquest: Scenarios and pitched battle variants as well as inspirational material for using terrain and weather in games, ideas for multiplayer games and developing your own campaigns of Siege and Conquest.

WHB-100 Warhamer Ancient Battles $38.00

New in this edition:
Alongside the original Warhammer Ancient Battles rulebook, this updated version also contains an extra 32 colour pages. A separate set of rules clarifications, diagrams, rules additions and some new and optional rules.

Additional army lists:
The book has quick lists for the following armies: Ancient Greek, Achaemenid Persians, Nomadic Hordes, Chinese, Samurai, Arabs & Saracens and Crusaders, plus some appendixes for the original Roman and Barbarian lists.

Border Skirmish:
A new scenario and how to collect and game with a small starter army for new players and veterans alike. Also included in the new section are brand new photographs and an updated set of useful addresses.

WHB-100A Warhamer Ancient Battles $35.00

Rules for playing wargames set in the ancient world, utilising armies of model warriors, terrain and dice.

Complete rules for fighting tabletop battles
Eight different wargames scenarios
Painting and collecting a wargames army
Rules for fighting campaigns
Army lists for Romans and Barbarians
Comprehensively illustrated with artwork and photographs

WHB-101 Fall Of The West $25.00

Detailed background and army lists for Warhammer Ancient Battles covering the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

WHB-102 Chariot Wars $20.00

Detailed background and army lists for Warhammer Ancient Battles covering the armies of the Near East in the Biblical period.

WHB-103 Armies Of Antiquity $16.00

Additional army lists for Warhammer Ancient Battles covering most of the major armies of the ancient world.

WHB-104 Shieldwall $30.00

Historical background and chronology outlining the important events as well as 28 detailed regional army lists for the Viking Age.

WHB-105 El Cid $26.00

Warhammer ancient battles supplement detailing warfare in the spanish reconquista: 900-1250 AD and army lists for this period.

WHB-106 Alexander the Great $36.00

Alexander the Great is one of the most famous names in history, and he led his armies to the ends of the earth and carved out an empire. Upon his death, the empire he conquered split apart within a few years.

WHB-107 Spartacus $30.00

Spartacus’s Slave Revolt and the Servile Wars (135BC- 71 BC) is a source book for Warhammer Ancient Battles. Spartacus' Slave Revolt was also known as the Great Slave War and this upplement focuses on the events surrounding that War as well as providing details of the two earlier revolts.

WHB-108 Armies of Chivalry $30.00

Armies of Chivalry contains army lists for use with Warhammer Ancient Battles. The lists will enable players to recreate battles for some of the greatest conflicts of the Age including The Hundred Years War, The War of the Roses, The Burgundian Wars, The Ottoman expansion, The Northern Crusades and The Wars in Eastern Europe.

WHB-109 Byzantium : Beyond the Golden Gate $36.00

In the West, Rome may have fallen, but in the East, Byzantium ensured the Roman values and spirit endured for another 1000 years. Featured within this book are detailed army lists including: Early Byzantines, Germanic Kingdoms, Sassanid Persians, Steppe Nomads, Thematic Byzantines, Bulgars & Slavs, Early Caliphates, The Rus and Later Byzantines. Also contained within is a 16 page full colour section portraying the armies of the time and a wealth of illustrations and colour maps.

WHB-110 Hannibal and the Punic Wars $35.00

Hannibal Barca was the most famous general of his age. At the Start of the 2nd Punic War, against all odds, he marched his army over two mountain ranges and took on the Roman Republic; the mightiest empire of the ancient world. He won famous victory after famous victory and campaigned in his enemies homeland for 15 years. Not for half a millennia would Rome be challenged by an external threat of the same magnitude.

This source book contains a complete historical overview of the period taking in the three wars that Rome fought with the North African City state of Carthage (264 BC to 148 BC) with a description of the forces involved.

WHB-111 Vlad the Impaler $38.00

1462: a Walachian prince and his small army stand alone against the military might of the Ottoman Empire.  But this prince, Vlad Tepes, is no ordinary man: he succeeds in driving the best-trained army in the world from his homeland, employing a scorched earth policy, along with ambushes, night attacks, and the tactics of fear he earns his bloody nickname “Vlad the Impaler,” and ensures his own immortality.

WHB-112 The Art of War $38.00

The Art of War: The Chinese approach to warfare 2205 BCE – 280 CE is a source book for Warhammer Ancient Battles.

China has the longest continuous civilisation in history and was finally unified by the First Emperor in 221 BCE. The Warring States period was over, and Qin victorious! Yet only 16 years later, the Qin Dynasty was in turmoil, the Emperor dead and all that would remain of his legacy would be the silent warriors of Xian- the Terracotta army.

WHB-113 The Age of Arthur $36.00

The Age of Arthur – Warfare in the British Dark Ages 400 AD – 800 AD is a source book for Warhammer Ancient Battles. This exciting period of British history saw the foundations of England, Scotland and Wales laid down by the warring Saxons, Romano-Britons, Welsh, Irish and Picts.

Arthur himself may have led British resistance against the Saxons, but this supplement also focuses on the other great warlords of the age – including Cadwallon of Gwynedd, Vortigern of the Britons, and Ecgfrith of Northumbria – and their warbands.